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From where I’m sitting tomorrow is looking a lot like Judgment Day. I leave tomorrow to take nearly all my belongings and move 450 miles away to Roanoke, Virginia. This is all I’ve wanted since I was 13 years old; I just wanted to get out of Ohio. Now that it’s here…I…I feel a little sad, nervous and apprehensive. What if this really isn’t what I want? What if I’m wrong? I’m plagued with second guesses!

There’s a few specific things I’m worried about the most:

1. Friends. Mainly, will I find some. I mean, I know I will find SOMEONE whom I am friendly with but what I mean are the main people I hang out with three or four times a week. People in the program and I already have at least one thing in common. I’m a very nice person, if not a little shy when I first meet people. I’m just flashing back to freshman year at Otterbein where I feel like I was so uncomfortable with myself. But now, at least, I can firmly say I do indeed love who I am, though I know I have a ton of improvements to make (who doesn’t?).

2. Money. Enough said. The loans don’t come in until the first of September. Which reminds me: I forgot to pick up my checks from the bank today. CRAP. That’s gonna set me back tomorrow.

3. Being unable to keep up with the pace of my program. I am a good student. I work very hard and am extremely dedicated to my writing. I’ve only turned in one thing late in my entire life and that was because it got buried in my papers, not because it wasn’t finished. But this program is more about creativity than being timely. Is my quality of thought up to par with everyone else in the program? Am I in over my head?

We’ll see what happens. I’m predicting I cry within…2 weeks.


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I just wanted to make a short post plugging a new blog where I am a contributor. It’s called The MFA Chronicles and it follow 15 some MFA students through our first year of our respective programs. I’m really excited to be a part of all these cool kids. We’re hoping that it will be useful to people who are thinking about the MFA in creative writing, not to mention be a huge opportunity to interact with other emerging writers.

On a personal note, I feel like I’m in some sort of secret club. Well, it’s not so secret obviously, since there’s a very public blog about it on the internet! *sniff* I’ve always wanted to be a cool kid!

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