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Two wonderful and completely different movies in two days! What a lucky girl I am!

For today’s movie, Atonement, Bridget, Maria, Robby and I made the hike out to Bexley and the Capital area (you mean CRAPital, Otterbein’s rival). The Drexel there is not sleek and modern like the one in the OSU area. The Bexley Drexel is still only plays two movies at a time in small, non-stadium style seats. The marquee out front isn’t digital like the flashy Rave 18 screen multiplex Bridget and I frequent. Seeing Atonement there was a perfect choice; a the old fashioned setting really added to the period feel of the film.

Here, I present to you one of the most beautiful sequences in the movie. Don’t worry; there’s no spoilers, just pretty music and pictures.

Atonement is one of the best romance movies I’ve seen in ages. Also, this was one movie where the soundtrack DEFINITELY used to heighten moments of intensity. Like the two low bass notes of Jaws, a moment was cracked open with a sharp, staccato sounds of an old fashioned typewriter.

This clip, picturing the war-torn beaches of England, just shows you the scope and breadth the filmmakers went with this movie. In this shorter section of an emotional tour through Dunkirk, the little moments count. Each time the camera catches a face, the emotion is just kicked up another notch. Seeing it on the big screen…It moved me to tears. It is definitely one of the beat scenes in the entire movie, displaying the craft and care the director and cinematographer took to engage the audience.

I’d be very, VERY surprised if this movie doesn’t get nominated for best picture. I actually have my fingers crossed for it to win. If you can find a theater playing it, make sure you see Atonement. It’s worth the price of admission and MORE!


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