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Tonight, I discovered my new musical destiny. Not that I had much of a musical destiny at all. I am no way rockstar material, but I have grown up and around music all my life. When I was 10, I learned how to read bass clef and play trombone. At age 15 I taught myself how to read tremble clef and play piano. Now, I’m hoping at age 21 (soon!) I learn to play the theremin.

It can’t be that hard, right? I mean, the instrument has no fingerings. It has no complicated strings to pluck or scales to learn. What it is, exactly, if you were too lazy to click the link above, is an electrical current. A thereminist just waves their hands between the the two antennae to create sounds that are often associated with aliens. You know that whooo-eeee-oooo? That’s a theremin.

Howard Shore talks about using a Theremin to create some of the soundtrack to the Tim Burton film Ed Wood. It also has a cool demonstration and explanation on how a theremin looks, work, and sounds.

Okay, so maybe it’s a lot harder than learning how to play piano. Fortunately for me, there are many tutorials out there on how to build your own theremin. This still requires some sort of electrical/construction knowledge, which I severely lack. I could just buy my own theremin and forget the hassle of building one. It’s fairly pricey (it would take one of my paychecks to buy one!), for just a whim. But let me tell you, I want this more than I wanted that sitar back when I was 17. Or that broken zither in my aunt’s closet.

These people are playing Matryomins, the Theremin’s cuter, battery operated cousin. I like the thurrrrrrrrvvv noise that is made when your hands pull away from the little doll.


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