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I love music a little too much sometimes. More specifically, I’m extremely picky about what I listen to, which is mostly indie pop and rock. I cringe at the sound of Keith Urban. I lash out irrationally when Kayne West starts raping. I bemoan the fact that Rob Thomas used to be so cool in 1997, but you can’t tell that from the horrible songs he’s writing now. My sister says my motto it “If it’s not indie, it’s crap.” And I hate to admit it, but she’s almost right. There are so many great bands out there on indie labels or are self publishing their records.  Here, I submit to you, some of my favorites of this month.

The jarringly named band, The New Pornographers, is my favorite pick of this month. I’ve steered clear of them for ages because of their name. I recently gave them a good listen and I discovered they weren’t one bit as dirty as their moniker suggests. My favorite song is from their 2007 release, Challengers. Here’s Go Places, a heartfelt and well written song with soulful guitar and clear, cool vocals. This live recording of the band sounds wonderful! They certainly aren’t they sort of band who can’t play live.

I have been watching Voxtrot since the beginning of my freshman year. They finally produced a full length, self titled album last fall and have been touring all summer (no where near Ohio, unfortunately) to support it. I don’t know what they’re up to in the new year, but heres to hoping they are recording a new album. This is Firecracker, the song I always jump around to in my room while I’m getting read in the morning.

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Last is Paramore. They’re last because they seriously don’t need my help in promoting them. Their song, Misery Business, is being played all over MTV and top 40 stations. I can’t blame them. Paramore’s lead singer has a catchy and energetic voice and stage presence. AND Paramore is on the now famous FueledByRamen label, made popular by Fall Out Boy. GOSH I wish I could pull off hair like hers. I’m muy jealous.<object width=”425″ height=”355″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/aCyGvGEtOwc&rel=1″></param><param name=”wmode” value=”transparent”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/aCyGvGEtOwc&rel=1&#8243; type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>

Other bands I’m loving on: Station 2, One Life Lost and Florence Valentin with a lack of youtube videos (get on that, guys!)

Hopefully if I have time this week, I’d like to blog about a wedding I was in recently and also my 21st birthday.


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