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Green grass, sweeping silk,

powdered wigs: Let them eat cake.

Marie, dear, don’t lose your head!

You’re too young for war


I’ve been on a quest these lazy weeks of winter break to see one movie per day to experience different people’s screenplays in hopes to jump start my own (fledgling) work. Today’s screening was Marie Antoinette, a 2006 film written and directed by Sophia Coppola (the fortunate daughter of Francis Ford).

I can not say that I was overwhelmed by this film. For having all the right elements I adore in movies (female protagonist, sweeping vistas, fine costumes, historic plot), it fell short of it’s mark. One of my current projects uses the above elements; I thought this film would certainly push me head long into inspiration. But alas, the only thing that it has pushed me into is thoughts of showing vs. telling.



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